Stupid Fish
Stupid Fish

Race: Rainbow Trout
Gender: Male


Longstone Woods (X:82 Y:65)

  • Ghost Powder Collection Mission
  • Soul Medicine Collection Mission
  • Wolf Spirit Collection Mission
  • Spookizen Soul Collection Mission

Stupid Fish is a Quest NPC.

Suggested level: 36

Mission briefing: Stupid Fish comes from a tribe of water dwellers who keep to themselves. During the war between the Humans and the Demons, the Stupid Fish hid in a remote mountain lake to avoid getting involved. However, a while ago, a fight between the Emperor Gang and the demons ended crashed through into his neighborhood. Their carelessly-flung spells hit his mother, who was gathering food, and she was critically injured. Stupid Fish has been searching for a cure and knows that a special ingredient here in the Longstone Woods can treat her injury. However, this ingredient is very hard to refine and he will need a lot of materials to try. The monsters there are scary though. Will a brave hero such as yourself help him out?

Ghost Powder Collection Mission[edit | edit source]

Get 40 Ghost Powder by killing Little Ghosts.


Note: Must be level 29 to receive experience as a reward.

Soul Medicine Collection Mission[edit | edit source]

Get 40 Soul Medicine by killing Ghosts.


Wolf Spirit Collection Mission[edit | edit source]

Get 1 Wolf Spirit by killing War Wolf (Boss).


  • 10,000 experience points Note: Must be level 36 to gain the experience as a reward.
  • 1 Blue Horse Dice Chest

Spookizen Soul Collection Mission[edit | edit source]

You have 20 minutes to defeat 3 Senior Spookizens in an instance. You may use your Pandora's Box Hanging. Must complete Stupid Fish's other 3 missions to unlock this.

Note: Must be level 41 to receive experience as a reward.


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