Monster Hard This is an Area Boss.
Super Septic Snake

Super Septic Snake

Level 55
Job Witch Doctor
Element Non-Elemental
Skill Corrosive Acid, Raging Poisons, Slowing Goo, Snake Poison, Shoot Poison
Behavior Aggro
Capturable Unknown
Location Dragon's Den
(X:450 Y:555)
Experience 336,600
Fame 494
Quests Unknown
HP 305,150
Physical Attack 408
Physical Defense 135
Accuracy 41
Evasion 41
Magic Attack 237
Magic Defense 93
Magic Accuracy -10
Magic Evasion 4
Drop Rate
Dreamstone x2Unknown
Sharp TeethUnknown
Savage Wrist GuardsUnknown
Onyx of Calligraphy (50~60)Unknown
Onyx of Music (50~60)Unknown
Lv8 Puppet Prolong Life Scroll RecipeUnknown
Lv8 Vines of Early Autumn Scroll RecipeUnknown
Recipe: Silver Needle
Recipe: Frankincense Fan
135 gold
Sharp Teeth
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