The coordinates listed are only one possible position in the collection zone where you can harvest the materials. You can collect the same materials in surroundings areas and find a NPC for collection tools and refinement, unless stated otherwise.

Swan Lake Basin Farming markFarming 2-3
X:590 Y:500
Fishing markFishing 1-2
X:442 Y:132
Fishing markFishing 2-3
X:242 Y:330
Collection mark = Collection zone     Collection mark 2 = Collection zone with no NPC for tools and refinement in proximity
Collection Level - material X Y
Farming Farming mark Farming 2 - Root Ginger
3 - Wheat
590 500
Fishing Fishing mark Fishing 1 - Seawater
2 - Seaweed
442 132
Fishing Fishing mark Fishing 2 - Seaweed
3 - Conch
242 330
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