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*I'm not too hot at combat, but healing is my specialty~.
*I'm not too hot at combat, but healing is my specialty~.
*An injection might hurt, but it will make you better faster.
*An injection might hurt, but it will make you better faster.
*To much silicon is bad for the body~

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Sweetheart Pets (also known as Sweetheart Summoning Eggs or Saras) are pets with distinctive features and abilities with the appearance of a Love Pet in three different costumes (Maid, Nurse, and Student) which may only be purchased through the Item Mall.

Aeria first released the Maid version as a promotion reward in a permanent/non-tradable version (as well as the Special Edition one) in September 2008.[1][2][3] The other versions were released through different promotions, one which allowed the customers to decide which Sara they would want in a permanent/tradable form.[4][5] On February 12th, 2009, temporary tradable Saras became available through chests in 1, 3 and 7 day durations, along with a chance for permanent tradable ones.[6][7]


  • When summoned, the pet's level is the same as your current level.
  • All versions of The Sara Sweethearts will Cap at level 70.
  • There is an one hour cooldown for each summon.
  • The pet gains her full HP once it is summoned again.
  • They cannot be healed or buffed with Pet Sounds, but may be healed with pet items (e.g. Pedigree Power, Meow Meow MP Treat), or Merchant Skills' HP Medicine Boost and MP Medicine Boost.
  • If you die, or the pet dies, she returns in her egg form.
  • If you change map, the pet returns to her egg form and may only be summoned after the cooldown.
  • They regularly speak to you.
  • Be aware that using a Sweetheart Pet against monsters to spawn a vengeance boss may require a greater amount to kill. It may be because the pet has either gotten the last hit, or her damage was too great compared to yours.


Maid Sara

Special Edition Maid

Sweetheart Maid Egg
The Special Edition Maid can use a rose bouquet as a weapon. Her special skill (shown as ??) is a 30 second self-buff which makes her immune to attacks while she sits (only the owner will see this), and has a long cooldown.
Lv. Skill Description
1 Spectacular Rays A single target attack skill. Short cooldown (2-3 seconds).
15 Wings of Love A magic attack self-buff.
19 Pink Ward A magic defense self-buff.
25 Clean Sweep An area of effect attack; consumes 5 Bag of Ash.
33 Flying Kiss Offensive A powerful single target skill.


Nurse Sara

Special Edition Nurse

Sweetheart Nurse Egg
Her special skill at level 10, Injection, can be used to heal your HP and MP. Her buffs work on herself and her master. The Special Edition Nurse can use a syringe as a weapon.
Lv. Skill Description
1 Health Heist Steals enemies HP to heal master (gives some mp too)
10 Injection Special Skill. Same as First Aid (single target heal); heals user
15 Regeneration Same buff as Regeneration (HP regen buff)
19 Frog Forcefield Same buff as Frog Forcefield (physical defense buff); consumes 3 Frogs
23 Prolong Life Same buff as Prolong Life (max HP buff); consumes 3 Frogs
36 Yang Frog Same buff as Yang Frog (magic defense buff); consumes 3 Frogs

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  • What do you mean is this needle sterilized? My love will make anything OK~!
  • I wonder what perverted hospital made these super-short skimpy nurse outfits...
  • Whaaat!? Don't tell me you never seen a violent nurse before.
  • Don't worry, I'll be gentle~.
  • Bye~ Don't forget to take you're medicine regularly.
  • When it comes to injections, I really stick it to 'em.
  • An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
  • The 1st shot gets you a 10% discount, 20% discount for two shots, 30% discount for three shots - and 10 shots gets you 1 free!
  • It might just be a sniffle now but later you could be pouring snot.
  • If you eat too healthy and exercise and stay out of trouble, we won't get to see each other as often.
  • I'm not too hot at combat, but healing is my specialty~.
  • An injection might hurt, but it will make you better faster.
  • To much silicon is bad for the body~


Student Sara

Special Edition Student

Sweetheart Student Egg

The Special Edition Student uses a candy cane as a weapon.

Lv. Skill Description
1 Study A single-target attack skill.
11 Cram Session Special Skill (from the Pet menu, or by typing /petspecial). Area of Effect attack. Cooldown is 30 seconds.
15 Concentration Self-buff. Same effect as Focus. Sacrifice defense points to increase accuracy.
19 Total Effort Self-buff. Same effect as Burning Rage. Slowly loses HP to increase attack power over a short period.
23 Speed Reading Self-buff. Same effect as Lash Out. Sacrifice defense and movement speed to increase attack speed.
36 Biological Research Analyzes monster to give its stats. Often innacurate.


  • Hi there~ My race is Beauty, my job class is Sweetheart, and my status is "available"~ <3
  • My hobby is biology, my favorite kinds of guys are manly men, and my favorite recreational activity is group dates!
  • Oh no~ I haven't finished my studies!
  • School is so boring~
  • Sigh~ Why can't I graduate?
  • I don't wanna repeat the 4th grade a third time!
  • Finish the big tests, scribble in the margins a little on the small tests, and if there aren't any tests, it's a world of endless recess!
  • I'm doomed! The essay questions brutally assaulted my mind!
  • My favorite class is "class is out".
  • Skipping class is naughty, but I can't live without the thrill of delinquency!
  • Wanna know what I've got in my backpack?
  • My backpack is a treasure chest! It's got a lot of my goodies in it!
  • Chasm King's classes are so boring!
  • Clever King is my favorite teacher ^Q^
  • You can always tell when King Colette's classes are in session by all the male students crowding every window.


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