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Tai Chi Mirror


Type Pet Item
Category Tool
Description Sacrifice a carried pet and transfer it to another pet to level up. (The sacrificed pet will disappear after the transfer)
Effects Pet Level Transfer
Shop Unit Price 0g

Obtain from

Obtained from
Item Mall
  • 5500 SP


  • Formerly known as a Tai Ji Mirror
  • When used, it asks for 2 pets. The First is the one to be sacrificed, second receives the level. Levels are not added on, merely transferred.
  • Upon a complete sacrifice, a system announcement will occur to shame the player for sacrificing their pet. The messages range as follows:
    • "Santa Clause is making his list of naughty people and sees what (player name) did to their (sacrificed pet name)."
    • "All Baby Pupus all happily with their families. And then there's (player name) ruining the day by sacrificing their (sacrificed pet name)."
    • "The Elder Gods sees (player name) sacrificing their (sacrificed pet name) and mutters 'You chose poorly.'"
    • "The spirit of (player name)'s (sacrificed pet name) will be haunting (player name) for the rest of its afterlife."