Tai Ji Mirror


Type Pet Item
Category Tool
Description Sacrifice a carried pet and transfer it to another pet to level up. (The sacrificed pet will disappear after the transfer)
Effects Pet Level Transfer
Shop Unit Price 0g
  • Formerly known as a Tai Ji Mirror
  • When used, it asks for 2 pets. The First is the one to be sacrificed, second receives the level. Levels are not added on, merely transferred.
  • For information whether pet levels can be reduced, see Talk:Tai Chi Mirror.
  • Upon a complete sacrifice, a system announcement will occur to shame the player for sacrificing their pet. The messages range as follows:
    • "Santa Clause is making his list of naughty people and sees what (player name) did to their (sacrificed pet name)."
    • "All Baby Pupus all happily with their families. And then there's (player name) ruining the day by sacrificing their (sacrificed pet name)."
    • "The Elder Gods sees (player name) sacrificing their (sacrificed pet name) and mutters 'You chose poorly.'"
    • "The spirit of (player name)'s (sacrificed pet name) will be haunting (player name) for the rest of its afterlife."

Obtain from

Obtained from
Item Mall
  • 11,000 SP
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