Babel Rabbit mobs can drop chess pieces with EXTREME rarity, and no I am not talking about the Chess Master instance (it might have them as drops too, but probably just as low rate), I am talking about the ones that actually spawn on the map.

In farming Babel Rabbits off and on for about a week I acquired five different pieces, which I added to the drop tables for the specific rabbits I got them from (not any of the ones I didn't), but the edits were reverted with no verification of any sort. With the extreme rarity I can understand how this might be hard to verify, but I did not add the info without being sure of it.

2010/11/22,18:25:43,[Team] Lanniang obtained Red Chess Piece [Chariot]

2010/11/23,17:10:25,[Team] Lanniang obtained Black Chess Piece [Pawn]

2010/11/23,18:38:55,[Team] Lanniang obtained Black Chess Piece [Catapult]

2010/11/27,14:51:19,[Team] Lanniang obtained Black Chess Piece [Wagon]

2010/11/28,00:39:09,[Team] Lanniang obtained Black Chess Piece [Knight]

Red Chess Piece (Chariot)

Black Chess Piece (Pawn)

Black Chess Piece (Catapult)

Black Chess Piece (Wagon)

Black Chess Piece (Knight)

Please stop reverting my edits if you do not personally know whether it is right or wrong. I don't make edits often and when I do I don't tend to add information that I am not sure of or don't have proof to back up.

Lanniang 23:25, December 22, 2010 (UTC)

I can confirm these indeed drop. This was one of the reasons I even farmed rabbits back in the days, I still have one of the pieces in my bank.
The now-defunct 52pk database also listed "Half Chessboards[Chu River]" and "Half Chessboards[Han Border]" for the two revenge bosses, though of course I haven't spawned them and thus it would be impossible to verify, though I an willing to bet they do drop. AKFrost 04:24, December 23, 2010 (UTC)
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