The entrance to this dungeon is located at X:350 Y:473 in Dragon's Den. To gain access, you must complete the tasks at Nomad Cave in Mission 8 of the Mirror Quest.

NPCs[edit | edit source]

Name X Y
Benny Marshall 240 162
Old Moore 257 162

Monsters[edit | edit source]

Name Job Level Element Experience
Thunderbog Angel Thief 70 Water Water 24823
Thunderbog Demon Hunter 71 Water Water 28339
Thunderbog Mushroom Merchant 72 Wood Wood 28571
Thunderbog Colorful Mushroom Dancer 73 Wood Wood 22986
Thunderbog Bamboo Sprout Demon Musician 74 Earth Earth 29274
Thunderbog Bamboo-Chopping Demon Blademaster 75 Earth Earth 30477
Thunderbog Goblin Fish Hunter 76 Earth Earth 77085
Thunderbog Monster Fish Hunter 77 Metal Metal 33243

Bosses[edit | edit source]

Name Job Level Element Experience
Thunderbog Boss Angel Thief 80 Water Water 36153
Thunderbog Boss Heart Shape Mushroom Dancer 82 Wood Wood 33241
Thunderbog Boss Bamboo-Chopping Demon Fencer 84 Earth Earth 44341
Thunderbog Boss King Fish Hunter 86 Metal Metal 44376

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Screenshot from the P2P version of Thunderbog Tower.

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