A tier 1 quest, also known as a heroic quest, is a four missions quest given by a NPC in any of the major maps (towns, fields and dungeons). The quest is logged on an item received from the NPC upon completing at least one task. Deleting it will erase your progress in the quest.

The first three tasks generally consist of collecting items, which may only be dropped when the quest is initiated (with the exception of the Eversun Guide's quest), and killing monsters found in the map. Rewards are generally an amount of experience points, a Dice Chest or Monster-Trapping Mirrors. These quests can be repeated at any time. While there is generally no level requirement to do these quests, a minimum level is required to receive the experience points. When they have all been completed, a fourth mission will be unlocked.

The last task can be killing an area boss, or entering a plot event quest where you would either face monsters. You may be rewarded with a piece of armor of your choice, Monster-Trapping Mirrors, a Dice Chest, and a title. Quests targeted for level 30s and over (starting with the Jack Rabbit's quest) give a slotted piece of armor. The last mission will not be given again by the NPC.

List of Tier 1 Quests[edit | edit source]

Name Sugg. Level Potential Zone Access Tier 2 Access
Academy of Mirrors 65
Bigbeam 60
Blakatoa 29 Foggy Forest
Blakatoa Peak 40 Scholarly Hermit
Canute Canal (Blakatoa) 36 Greedy Cat
Collington 22
Darkdale 0
Dragon's Den 48
East Sea Plain 35 Big Frankie
Emperor Gang Hideout 40
Eversun City 0
Foggy Forest 38 Blakatoa Peak Reginald
Giantwood Manor 30
Grassgreen Square (1) 22
Grassgreen Square (2) 26
Grizzly Garrison 27 Grizzly Garrison F2
Inn Basement 0
Longstone Woods 36
Maze Below the Well 10
Mount Babel (1) 56
Mount Babel (2) 60
Neptune's Temple 29 World of Pandora's Box
Pandora's Grotto 32
Phoenix Tower 22
Placid Plain 11
Quintuple Manor 40
Swan Lake Basin 11
Town-God Temple 39 High Priest
World of Pandora's Box 34

Potential development[edit | edit source]

Most of the tier 1 quests are required to unlock the level 62 of your character (the proof of completion being the title). Quests which are not counted are the Big and Little Recycling Brother's quest, and the Harry Hare's and Jenny's quests. Sewer Sentinel's quest is not needed, as no title is rewarded.

Access to other areas[edit | edit source]

Some of these quests give access to another area.

Tier 2 quests[edit | edit source]

Five of the tier 1 quests give a consumable item to start a tier 2 quest upon completion of the fourth mission. It is possible to gain the item again by redoing the three tasks.

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