A tier 2 quest, also known as an uber quest, is an instance quest.


To initiate the quest, you must use an item rewarded from its related tier 1 quest, or a Special Mission Ticket. All quests must be completed within 60 minutes. Scapegoat Dolls are not used if you die.


At the end of the quest, a Chest will appear, containing up to 9 items to retrieve.

  • A title rewarded to the leader only (collecting them all can unlock the level 61 of your classes).
  • One excellent tier 6 material.
  • A level 45~55 or 50~60 Onyx.
  • Chance of a 1-Carat Red Diamond or 1-Carat Yellow Diamond.
  • Chance for a random level 40 weapon, upgraded to level 50.
  • Chance for a level 53-55 piece of armor.
  • Chance for a recovery item recipe.

Rewards that may differ from one quest to another is the armor part (body, hand, head, shoes and trousers), the type of Onyx, and the recovery item recipe.


All bosses found in each quest may teleport you and your team members to him.

  • Scholarly Hermit: Fight monsters for each stage.
  • Greedy Cat: Fight monsters for each stage.
  • Big Frankie: Fight monsters for each stage.
  • Reginald: While fighting monsters spawned at each stage, you must protect Reginald.
  • High Priest: Eliminate the boss, while fighting his minions.

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