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A tier 3 quest, also known as Secondary Plot quest or Side Plot quest, is an instance quest. This series of quests use a point score system, with your score being logged on a scorecard for all of them. Deleting the scorecard will erase your progress. Scorecard


All quests must be completed within 60 minutes. A successful attempt will reward 30 points. While you must wait 24 real life hours to initiate the same quest, whether you have failed, succeeded or disconnected, you can use a Special Mission Ticket.


Points may be exchanged for rewards, such as:

  • One level 58-60 piece of armor for 150 points.
  • One level 53-55 armor recipe for 300 points.
  • B-grade Gemstones for 30 points.

The only different rewards from one quest to another is the armor part (body, hand, head, shoes and trousers) you can get from the rewards list.


  • Chess Master: Defeat waves of Rabbit soldiers then defeat the Rabbit Army of Chess Master.
  • Councillor Reese: Escort The Governor's Son safely from monsters.
  • Emperor Gang Agent: With the help of the Emperor Gang Members, you must defeat all of the Demonslayer Pupils before facing Black Fox.
  • Expedition Team Member: Eliminate all the snakes for each stage.
  • Learned Elder: You must answer the Learned Elder's questions before eliminating monsters for each stage.