Title Master
NPC Human Male 15

Race: Human
Gender: Male


Eversun City X:153 Y:186


Title Master is a Quest NPC.

He will allow you to take a quest bill for any slayer or flyer title. When a slayer/flyer quest is complete, you can turn it in to the Title Master to obtain the respective title. King titles are not available through this NPC. Keep in mind monsters have to be killed in certain locations, should the targeted monster appear in multiple maps. Thus, Spooky Bottom variants won't count at all. You are unable to accept more than one bill at a time unless you place other bills in the bank. Progress on banked bills will be retained.

Kills cannot be shared in a team and pet kills do not count at all. Asterisked mobs will not count towards the kills. It is possible to get a title via global system before the bill is completed, in which case the bill will destroy itself. Check the title page for a list of obtainable titles and more details about the global system.

It should also be noted that having multiple title bills will not lead to you being able to work on both at the same time. Therefore, one cannot work on both the Bow-Wow Bum Flyer and Hulu Bamboo Slayer at the same time. The bills only record on the bill closest to the first inventory slot.

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