Town Hall Basement

Map of Town Hall Basement

Talk to Councilman Reese in Town Hall of Eversun City (X: 113, Y:198) to enter the Town Hall Basement. You must have completed Valencia's quest and finish the Mirror Quest Mission 1, Well step and already have access to the Maze Below the Well. If the leader of your team has completed the mission already, you will be able to follow this person in but you will not be able to enter on your own.



Name Job Level Element
Giant Rat Merchant 14 Metal Metal
Giant Rat's Big Brother Fencer 20 Metal Metal
Giant Rat's Little Brother Fencer 20 Metal Metal
Grape Glob Commoner 13 Fire Fire
Zombie Commoner 12 Metal Metal


Name Job Level Element
Big Bat Thief 19 Fire Fire
Giant Rat Boss Merchant 24 Non-Elemental


Recipe PotsEdit

Recipe X Y
Feather Gloves 470 126
Lesser Parietal Powder 413 88
Wooden Armor 383 120
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