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Suggested level: 15

Mission given by: Wilfred Marshall

Location: Copperhorn Mountain Guild Castle (X:219 Y:203)

Mission briefing: The Traders' Association is famous locally, but its fame has led to some criminals scheming against them. You took on the Bandits of the Hall of Saints to help the Traders' Association, only to find it had all been a mistake. Although indeed bandits, they actually rob the rich and give to the poor. They are honest and loved by the people. With their help, you then attacked the northeast bandit hideout of Grizzly Garrison and eliminated this band of evil-doers.


Wilfred Marshall[]

  1. Letters of Love
    Speak to Wilfred Marshall. You will receive a Traders' Assocation Certificate.
  2. Collect 20 Smoked Lizard Jerky from Lil'-Lidded Lizard. Return to Wilfred Marshall.
  3. Collect 20 Moth Powder from Toxic Tiger Moth (Copperhorn Mountain). Return to Wilfred Marshall.
  4. Collect 20 Processed Reptile Skin from Lizard Leader. Return to Wilfred Marshall.


  1. Look for Bandits around Giantwood Forest (Brainiac, 242,168).
  2. You will enter a plot event. Brainiac will explain to you a game:
    1. "I have a set of four numbers. If you can guess the four numbers in the correct order, you've won the game."
    2. "The monkey you can attack has a banana with it. If you give the banana to the monkey you can't attack then you'll get a hint for the correct set of numbers."
    3. "I must first tell you first. You'll lose the game if ~the time runs out, or if you make three wrong guesses."
    4. "Oh and there's one more thing, every new game includes a unique set of numbers so they'll never be the same."
  3. Banana
    You have 20 minutes to complete this. The Skinny Monkey (Commoner, Level 29, Wood, 1220 HP) you can hit drops Banana.
  4. The maximum of hints you can receive is 6.
  5. Once you have figured out the combination, talk to Brainiac to enter the numbers. If you guessed it right, talk to him again.
  6. Fight against Fierce Fist (Martial Artist, Level 18, Fire, 73065 HP). Be aware he uses a skill called Smash and Grab which will unequip your weapon if it hits. He also has an attack skill called Iron Fist of Righteousness.


  • 15,290 XP

Bandit Hideout[]

  1. Accompany Fierce Fist and attack the Bandit Hideout somewhere in Placid Plain (492, 520).
  2. You will enter a battle quest. Fight against Bloodless (Blademaster, Level 20, Earth, 49535 HP) and Heartless (Fencer, Level 20, Earth, 44817 HP). Bloodless uses an attack skill called Super-Swift Sanguine Slash, while Heartless uses a debuff named Call of Death (Unable to move due to the effect of Call of Death).


  • 19,600 XP
  • Barley Acceptable Fodder Two Severed Heads

Wilfred Marshall[]

Complete the task by giving Wilfred Marshall the bandits' heads.