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Zones where the maps and chests will appear:

Item name Lvl range Zone boss lvl Lair boss lvl Kill requirement
Treasure Map-Eversun North 1~13 13 28 50+ local zone monsters
Treasure Map-Eversun South 1~13 13 15 50+ local zone monsters
Treasure Map-Copperhorn Mountain 14~20 23~25 30 60+ local zone monsters
Treasure Map-Giantwood Forest 24~30 32~35 40 70+ local zone monsters
Treasure Map-Grassgreen Square 29~36 38~40 45 80+ local zone monsters

After receiving a Treasure Map, you may want to put it in your hot bar for convenience since you will likely have to click multiple times. Click it for a message with the direction to the treasure.

  • Farthest: The treasure is now somewhere far away to the (direction).
  • The treasure is now somewhere close by to the (direction).
  • Closest: The treasure is now somewhere to the (direction).

Direction will be one of the four cardinal directions (north, east, south, west). Note that the treasure will generally not be directly in that direction—the map only states the direction you have to travel the farthest on to reach the treasure. In other words, if you are farther north from the treasure than you are to the east of it, it will tell you the treasure is to the south. If you are doing this in a team, only the team leader can use the maps.

When you have found the treasure you will receive a message: "Found treasure location! Want to investigate?" If any of your team members are not near you, make sure they are with you or leave the team before you confirm. If you confirm and your team members are too far should the treasure be in an instance, the treasure location will reset.

Once you confirm, one of these three options will happen:

  • Most common: Obtain the treasure directly
  • Common: Obtain the treasure after killing monsters
  • Rare: Obtain the treasure in a boss instance

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