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The instance is located in Eversun City (X:119 Y:260). This can be done up to 7 times everyday (counter is combinated with the number of time you do the other trials, Challenge Grizzly Garrison and Mysterious Antiquities)

This map is based on the Blakatoa Peak; it has no safe area to rest in. The level of the mobs will increase with each wave. There are 11 waves of mobs in total, with the 11th one being the boss wave. All mobs have fire defense. This challenge can be made with a team.

Note: There is a time limit of 1 hour.

Wave 1 Monsters[]

6x Giant Caskmaster, lvl 67 MA; 568,922HP
Skill: Condensed Alcoholic Fumes

Wave 2 Monsters[]

6 x Screaming Lord Lizard, lvl 67 MA; 663,743HP
Skill: Screaming Scorch

Wave 3 Monsters[]

5x War Wolf, lvl 68 Fencer; 680,461HP
Skill: Windy Wolf Claw

Wave 4 Monsters[]

5x Spectral Servant, lvl 68 BM; 805,809HP

Wave 5 Monsters[]

4x Mega Mystery Mouse, lvl 69 Merchant; 901,803HP
Skill: Steelsmasher Punch
Note: these attacks hurt, Celestial Fu-Ts'ang-Lung's Chest/Fu-Ts'ang-Lung's Chest are useful here.

Wave 6 Monsters[]

4x Maniacal Minotaur, lvl 70 MA; 1,136,612HP
Skill: Mad Cow Cannon
Note: These mobs have high evasion. 150 Water defense is vert useful here.

Wave 7 Monsters[]

4x Classic Eagle, lvl 71 Shaman; 1,168,050HP
Skills: Fiery Claw, Angry Eagle Claw, Seal Magic, FUry Eagle Claw, Eagle Claw Biting
Note: These birds have a magic sealing skill, Skill Unsealing Bugs are a must!

^ Even with a magic evasion build to dodge them, they still can hit occasionally and the seal lasts 9 seconds.

Wave 8 Monsters[]

4x Flame Eagle, lvl 72 BM; 1,333,116HP

Wave 9 Monsters[]

4x Wicked Wolf Despot, lvl 73 Merc; 1,265,429HP;
Note: High def, low mdef

Wave 10 Monsters[]

4x Black Steel Ghost, lvl 74 MA; 1,5923927HP
Skill: Toxic Rust

Wave 11 Monsters[]

Rune Firebird, lvl 75 Shaman; 2,215,042HP
Will summon previous mobs when HP is under 50%.

Will also summon in the later waves black Earth Elemental birds. (Blademasters)


All mobs have a chance of dropping Fire Of Crystals which can be traded at Trader Girl for several rewards.

Upon completion all participants will will receive:

Achievement: Trial of the Fire (when completing for the first time)

Reward Chest can contain: