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The instance is located in Eversun City (X:119 Y:260). This can be done up to 7 times everyday (counter is combinated with the number of time you do the other trials)

This map is based on the inn basement; it has no safe area to rest in. At best you can hide in a corner to have one or two less mobs at a time. The level of the mobs will increase with each wave. There are 11 waves of mobs in total, with the 11th one being the boss wave. All mobs have metal defense. This challenge can be made with a team.

Wave 1[]

6x Baby Bow-Wow Boss, Level 63 Fencer, HP 476,563

Wave 2[]

6x Greedy Rat Governor, Level 64 Dancer, HP 471,836

Wave 3[]

5x Leech Lich, Level 65 Blademaster, HP 679,239

Wave 4[]

5x Dark Zombie, Level 66 Mercenary, HP 769,975

Wave 5[]

4x Divine Metal Beast, Level 68 Wizard, HP 850,577

Wave 6[]

4x Ghost, Level 70 Shaman, HP 981,620

Wave 7[]

4x Spirit of the Fallen Rabbit Army, Level 71 Mercenary, HP 1,134,947

Wave 8[]

4x Woken Wyvern, Level 72 Dancer, HP 990,315

This round is particularly dangerous because these mobs will quickly stack up their debuff for healing. High standing HP Recovery and Regen 11 are recommended. Yule logs do nothing at -100% Active Default HP recovery; a potential way to counter this is with any bonus to that (such as the merchant passive or abacus; musician's passive for mp). Passive HP recovery doesn't defend against -100%

Wave 9[]

4x Bloodthirsty White Tiger Soldier, Level 73 Blademaster, HP 1,342,121

Wave 10[]

4x Western Tiger Guard, Level 74 Fencer, HP 1,375,248

Wave 11 [Boss][]

Western Tiger General, Level 75 Martial Artist, HP 2,564,786

Halfway through the fight mobs from the prior waves will be summoned, the most dangerous of which being Woken Wyvern and Spirit of the Fallen Rabbit Army. The lack of HP recovery makes the reflection skills particularly dangerous; you can bring down the reflection via an aoe or hitting it with a level 1 skill. It's better to take out Woken Wyvern first and then mobs other than Spirit of the Fallen Rabbit Army to reduce damage if solo.


All participants will get:

Achievement: Trial of the Metal (when completing for the first time)

Reward Chest can contain: