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The instance is located in Eversun City (X:119 Y:260). This can be done up to 7 times everyday (counter is combinated with the number of time you do the other trials)

The map for this one is based on Neptune's Temple; it has a safe area. The level of the mobs will increase with each wave. There are 11 waves of mobs in total, with the 11th one being the boss wave. All mobs have water defense. This challenge can be made with a team. Note: There is a time limit of 1 hour.

Wave 1[]

Giant Turtle King x6 (Mercenary 67; 517,202HP)

Wave 2[]

Sapphire Goldfish King x6 (Musician 67; 603,403HP)

Wave 3[]

Blue Water Snake x5 (Shaman 68; 716,275HP)

Wave 4[]

Bullcarp x5 (Hunter 68; 805,809HP)

Wave 5[]

Ice Dragon People Chill x4 (Shaman 69; 856,712HP)

These weren't too difficult, but they have concerning debuffs which drain mp and push passive attributes heavily into the negatives.

Wave 6[]

Mystic Bonefish x4 (Fencer 70; 981,620HP)

Wave 7[]

King Noisy Snake x4 (Musician 71; 1,134,947HP)

Wave 8[]

Hard Shell Tortoise x4 (Mercenary 72; 1,237,894HP)

Wave 9[]

Divine Aurora Bird x4 (Shaman 73; 1,275,015HP)

Wave 10[]

Crystal Shield Northern Turtle Soldier x4 (Blademaster 74; 1,375,248HP)

Wave 11 [Boss][]

Divine Monkey King x1 (Boss 75; 2,564,786HP) Will summon previous mobs when HP is under 50%.

Has a debuff for +100 fire defense


All mobs have a chance of dropping Water Of Crystals which can be traded at Trader Girl for several rewards.

All participants will get:

Achievement: Trial of the Water (when completing for the first time)

Reward Chest can contain: