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The instance is located in Eversun City (X:119 Y:260). This can be done up to 7 times everyday (counter is combinated with the number of time you do the other trials, Challenge Grizzly Garrison and Mysterious Antiquities)

This map is based on Thunderbog Tower; The outer ring can be used a safe area. The level of the mobs will increase with each wave. There are 11 waves of mobs in total, with the 11th one being the boss wave. All mobs have wood defense. This challenge can be made with a team.

Note: There is a time limit of 1 hour.

Wave 1 Monsters[]

6x Male Divine Bird of Paradise, lvl 63, Mercenary; 501,646 HP
Skill: Flying Claw

Wave 2 Monsters[]

6 x Female Divine Bird of Paradise, lvl 64, Merchant; 589,795 HP
Skill: Flying Claw

Wave 3 Monsters[]

5x Male Blizzard Bird, lvl 65, Doctor; 645,277HP
Skill: Ice Explosion

Wave 4 Monsters[]

5x Female Blizzard Bird, lvl 66, Musician; 769,975 HP
Skill: Ice Explosion

Wave 5 Monsters[]

4x Wild Monkey Leader, lvl 68, Blademaster; 984,878 HP

Wave 6 Monsters[]

4x Massive Man-Eating Marigold, lvl 70, Blademaster; 1,033,284 v HP
Skill: Pollen Dust Seismic Shudder, Armor Corroding Pollen
Note: Skill Pollen Dust Seismic Shudder does not cover blood boil (detox also works well against it)

Wave 7 Monsters[]

3x Bandit Master, lvl 71 Fencer; HP 1,078,200
Skills: Flying Sword Stab, Scatter Array

Wave 8 Monsters[]

3x Wicked Wisewood, lvl 72, Commoner; 1,237,894 HP

Wave 9 Monsters[]

3x Iron Malefic Machine, lvl 73, Dancer; 1,342,121 HP
Skill: Only Beat Those Idiot!! - Lower your ATK by 10% and DEF by 5% for 1 minute

Wave 10 Monsters[]

2x Dark Shadow Wolf, lvl 74, Thief; 1,302,866 HP
Note: Has AOE debuff skill, run from it. Can make itself invisible, Sneak Peak and/or Flying Pupu Pugulist summoner from Title Merchant in Arena are useful.

Wave 11 Monsters[]

Millenium Devil Tree, lvl 75, BOSS,  ?? HP
Will summon previous mobs when HP is under 50%.

The boss has a +100 earth def debuff, watch out for dark shadow wolf getting rid of your buffs from the prior round as well as when they are summoned.


All mobs have a chance of dropping Wood Of Crystals which can be traded at Trader Girl for several rewards.

All participants will get:

Achievement: Trial of the Wood (when completing for the first time)

Reward Chest can contain: