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NPC Red Crystal

The entrance to the Tricksy Turtle's Lair is located at (X:77 Y:242) in Neptune's Temple (in the safe room to go to World of Pandora's Box), through a red crystal.

Collecting 100 Tricksy Turtle Prints will unlock level 65 on one job (see Potential development).



Name Job Level Element
Crimson Glob Thief 65 Water Water
Man-Eating Zombie Dancer 66 Metal Metal
Ice Zombie Shaman 67 Water Water
Ghost Shaman 68 Metal Metal
King Glob Dancer 69 Earth Earth
Giant Glob King Dancer 70 Earth Earth
Tricksy Turtle Boss 75 Water Water


  • Statues of monsters become alive as Tricksy's HP goes down.
    • At 50% of Tricksy's HP, a Giant Glob King will spawn. It can explode, spawning many miniature versions of itself. This can be dangerous if left unchecked.


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