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The entrance to the True Tigerman is located at (X:206 Y:130) in VIP Map, through a red crystal.

There is no option to challenge this raid as a guild, so it must be done with a team code. The timer counts down upon entering the lair and no prints can be found here.

Unlike the other lairs, this one resets daily at the server's midnight (-4 GMT). Daylight savings is not taken into account.

Tasks[edit | edit source]

  • Defeat True Tigerman.
  • True Tigerman can only be summoned upon killing every other monster in the lair. When this happens, a blue fire wall will spawn between the hallway and his room, ensuring there is no escape until death. This wall will become the exit when he is defeated.

Monsters[edit | edit source]

Name Job Level Element
Tigerman Trooper Commoner 81 Non-Elemental
Tigerman Sentry Blademaster 82 Non-Elemental
Tigerman Guard Merchant 83 Non-Elemental
Mana Turret Shaman 84 Fire/Metal
True Tigerman Boss 85 Non-Elemental

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Each 25% HP lost, True Tigerman will spawn 4 Blue Crystals which will spawn monsters.
    • However, there can only be up to 4 crystals at a time.
  • Starting at 75% HP, True Tigerman will also start using True Anger of Tiger Master. This AoE takes a portion of your Max HP to be dealt as damage, as well as draining MP.
    • Every time this is used, three Mana Turrets will spawn.
      • They disappear after 15 seconds.
      • They will constantly use Shoot, which deals huge elemental magic damage and takes a tiny portion of MP. This attack barrage is very difficult survive without having good magic defense and/or Shaman reduction, such as from the Damage Reduction III mod.
      • Their element and Shoot will be random between Fire.gif Fire and Metal.gif Metal (fire turrets will use fire shoot and metal turrets will use metal shoot), which is changed every 25% HP. Having Water.gif Water and Fire.gif Fire defense will help, but using the appropriate one will require checking the element of the turrets at these thresholds.
      • The more people in your party, the more likely the turrets will split their attacks.
      • If they land the killing blow, they will ignore Scapegoat Dolls.
    • At 25% HP, this will be upgraded to Ultimate Anger of Tiger Master, doing more damage and MP drain.
  • Debuffs from Different Dances are essentially mandatory to survive True Tigerman's attacks.
  • Due to True Tigerman overall having high physical defense, currently having the highest HP of any boss in the game, and solidly high HP regen to go along with it, a magical class such as Wizard will undoubtedly be of great use.
  • Since everything in this raid hits hard, it may help to kill some of the monsters or outright ditch them by walking into the blue fire wall while fighting him at the opposite end of the room.
  • A proper balance of both defenses among your team is key to survival.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

To be completed

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