Uncle Nomad
NPC Human Male 3

Race: Human
Gender: Male


Eversun City (X:207 Y:155)

  • Idle Man's Simple Test

Uncle Nomad is a Quest NPC.


Talk to Uncle Nomad to recieve the Quest Scroll. This is Timing Quest

  1. Time Limit: 15 min. Kill 1 Lazy-Eyed Lizards in Blakatoa.
  2. Time Limit: 17 min. Kill 2 Ghosts in Longstone Woods.
  3. Time Limit: 6 min. Kill 3 Aqua Ivy Spirits in Bigbeam.
  4. Time Limit: 15 min. Kill 4 Mid-Wizes in Quintuple Manor.
  5. No Time limit. Digging for Money Bag in Canute Canal (Blakatoa), use auto-run in Journal to run there (use the quest item to dig).Pecking Pick
  6. Time Limit: 15 min. Kill 5 Cruel Kids in Emperor Gang Hideout.
  7. Time Limit: 15 min. Kill 5 Kind Kids in Emperor Gang Hideout.
  8. Time Limit: 22 min. Kill 6 Spider Specters in Pandora's Grotto.
  9. Time Limit: 30 min. Kill 8 Spooky Skulls in East Sea Plain.
  10. No Time limit. Trap 5 Emperor Butterflies in East Sea Plain (using the quest item).Level 10 Monster-Trapping Mirror

GLITCH: After turning in the 5th mission, your character may become unable to move. Reloging seems to be the only solution should this happen.


  • Each quest gives:
  • After the 5th and 10th quests you will additionally recieve:
    • 47,000 Experience Points (instead of 32,000)
    • 10 Devil Dusts
  • After completing the 10th quest you will also recieve:
    • Title: Tough and Restless

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