Main Character Edit

IGN: Ganeel (Subagames and Aeria Domo)
Server: Onyx (Aeria DOMO)
Guild: Innocence
Join date: 17th September 2007 (GT Closed beta)
Aeria Join date: 1st November 2009


Innocence Guild Pre Wedding screenshot

Other characters Edit

Akumi : female Shura, Gametribe Main/ Subagame Alt (Elder of Drunken Pupus)
Ultima : female Sprite, Gametribe Alt

In Memory of Akumi (and Ultima, the tallest fem sprite ever! 1.30m with bunny ears!)Edit


Akumi was my previous main character on GameTribe DOMO.

She was a stupid lolcat always purring on everyone's legs and saying RAWRRR! (instead of Hi!) and nyaaa!(when you surprised her). She praised her little sis (and alt) Ultima too much TBH.

She was an ever clothed character, a Thief who wanted to become a Magician.

When she died because of GT closure, she was:
4x: Citizen, Dancer, Doctor, Fencer, Hunter, Mercenary, Merchant, Musician, Shaman, Swordsman, Thief (48), Witch Doctor, Wizard
3x: Alchemist (39), Martial Artist (38)

And don't forget her nursery (in fact, it was Ultima who took care of them instead of going to school (baka Sprite! Kumi was always upset because of this).

Freya, Normal Love, 45
Selene, Love SE2, 45
Maya, Love SE3, 41
Loki, Normal Jade, 41
Mejingjard, Normal Metal, 33
Komui Lee N:3, Metal SE3, 15
Brisingamen, Normal Ruby, 20
Phanthom, Ruby SE4, 31
Bahamut, Sapphire SE1, 35
Ryutaro, Wood Bird, 61

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