I am known as Veigar in-game.

Monster Info[edit | edit source]

Notes: Spawns whenever he is awake. Immediately respawns if killed. Only safe time is when he's asleep. Can also take various forms and sizes. Element varies. Does not aggro if the player is wearing the upgraded version of Dancer's Costume HLA set unless the player is getting ganged up on.
Area Boss This is an Area Boss.


Level 99
Job Wizard
Element Unknown
  • Everything needed to nuke things
  • Summon level 70 pet army
  • Summon a deadly lady
  • Aggro
  • Aggro if the player hits any monster
Capturable Yes, if you offer him enough scrolls
Location Eversun City (X:160 Y:210)
Experience 666,666,666
Fame 1,000,000
Quests Stop Veigar from giving power to Academy of Mirrors
HP 999,999,999
Physical Attack 666
Physical Defense 1000
Accuracy 100
Evasion 230
Magic Attack 3131 (and still rising)
Magic Defense 900
Magic Accuracy 100
Magic Evasion 60
Drop Rate
Nothing worth your time. Unknown
Nothing worth stealing.

Serious Info[edit | edit source]

...Do you really need to know more? Fine :(

I'm a Wizard main. Other jobs include

Anything else not mentioned in that list I don't care as much about. However, they're all at least level 70.

I'm also a 61+ alchemist. I can craft all shields and armors up to level 55. I'm still missing quite a few weapon recipes. Trying to keep the wiki up with as much info as I have/can, even if I have to nitpick. If you have a question, try asking me.

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