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My Info[edit | edit source]

Notes: Prowned to mistakes, Flying into obstacles and getting stuck, Filling inventory with useless junk
Area Boss This is an Area Boss.

Ugly Pupu

Level Too low to count
Job Pupus don't work
Element Fire Fire
Skill Pilfer & Heal
Behavior Aggro if the player hits monsters of the same type
Capturable Unknown
Location (Sapphire) Aeria[NA]
Experience Worthless
Fame Too ugly for anyone to notice
Quests Update DomoWikia to 100%
HP 1 Life
Physical Attack Too weak
Physical Defense My butt
Accuracy 10 feet off
Evasion As fast as I can
Magic Attack Abracadabra?
Magic Defense Farts and burps
Magic Accuracy No aim
Magic Evasion Jumping
Drop Rate
Too poor to drop. 75%
Pupu Poopoo 25%
My Wallet
Pocket Lint

Wishlist Items[edit | edit source]

Gawddangit I wan deez itemz D:

  • Lollipop Red Sunglasses Heart Crown
  • Blue Camo Cap Blue Camo Uniform Vermilion Saint Helmet Vermilion Saint Armor
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