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The coordinates listed are only one possible position in the collection zone where you can harvest the materials. You can collect the same materials in surroundings areas and find a NPC for collection tools and refinement, unless stated otherwise.

World of Pandora's Box Farming markFarming
X:110 Y:124
Herding markHerding
X:76 Y:161
Forestry markForestry
X:137 Y:305
Forestry markForestry
X:152 Y:256
Mining markMining
X:262 Y:184
Mining markMining
X:226 Y:244
Meditation markMeditation
X:158 Y:202
Fishing markFishing
X:237 Y:197
Collection mark = Collection zone     Collection mark 2 = Collection zone with no NPC for tools and refinement in proximity
Collection Level - material X Y
Farming Farming mark Farming N/A 110 124
Herding Herding mark Herding N/A 76 161
Forestry Forestry mark Forestry N/A 137 305
Forestry Forestry mark Forestry N/A 152 256
Mining Mining mark Mining N/A 262 184
Mining Mining mark Mining N/A 226 244
Meditation Meditation mark Meditation N/A 158 202
Fishing Fishing mark Fishing N/A 237 197