NPC Human Female 5

Race: Human
Gender: Female


Eversun City (X:111 Y:296)


Valencia's Jelly Mission

Valencia is a Quest NPC.

She will grant you access to the Maze Below the Well.

  1. When speaking to her for the first time, she will give you a letter to deliver to Nanny Shine at X:174 Y:157 in Eversun City.
  2. Nanny Shine will ask you to bring her 5 Hemp Rope in order to create Sturdy Rope. Sturdy Rope
  3. When she has created the Sturdy Rope for you, return that rope to Valencia and gain access to the Well.

Any other time you speak to Valencia, she will pay 36 gold for any Wobbly Jelly you have (compared to 30 gold you would receive by selling it to The Recycling Brother). She also gives Fame for large quantities of Wobbly Jelly (1 Fame per 20 Wobbly Jelly).

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