Vanity pets are pets that serve no purpose other than looks, as they have no skills to accompany you in battle unless they are boosting vanity pets. Generally, vanity pets are tradable before use and obtained via the item mall, with the exception of:

  • The ducks (which are from Confusion Dance Chapter 2 and not tradable)
  • The Steam Sheep (which was given to players who connected their suba account with their steam account)
  • The Rock (which was once available during a 2015 Halloween event hosted by the GMs)
  • Harry Hare (although obtainable from the item mall, he can be obtained from the Mid-Autumn Festival too).

Rather than taking up a pet slot, each vanity pet takes up one space in your inventory. The Vanity Pet Treasure Box can be used to store vanity pets as well as leveling up the boosting vanity pets.

Unless noted below, all vanity pets have the ability to autoloot within a small range. Certain pets have been reported to not autoloot. It is important to note that vanity pets will not pick up items at all if the owner is in a party with autoloot set up.

List of non-boosting vanity petsEdit

For a list of boosting pets, see Boosting vanity pet.

Icon Name Details
Vanity Box Black Cat
Vanity Box Tabby Cat
Vanity Box Motley Cat
Vanity Box Fantasticat / Savior
Vanity Box Ninja Cat
Vanity Box Dorabimon
Vanity Box Dark Guardian / Old Sword
Vanity Box Scotty McCool / Da Mi Dog
Ye Yaxi Eggsploiter Ye Yaxi
Ma Ci Ma Ci
Heng Ai Heng Ai
Tu Wei Tu Wei
Vanity Box Gold Mouse
Vanity Box Money Mouse
Vanity Box White Sheep
Vanity Box Black Sheep
Vanity Box Spotted Sheep
Vanity Box Lil' Bart
Vanity Box Lil' Val
Vanity Box Lil' Joe
Vanity Box Precious Dragon
Vanity Box Duck-billed Dragon
Vanity Box Harry Hare Not tradeable, does not autoloot, can say quotes occasionally.
Vanity Box Meru Can say quotes occasionally.
Small Wild Boar Small Wild Boar
Little Snake Gift Box Little Snake / Snake Burger
Vanity Box Steam Sheep Not tradable, does not autoloot.
Vanity Box Nekomimi Does not autoloot.
Vanity Box Rock Does not autoloot.
Vanity Box Rock Monster Not tradeable.


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