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Weapons can be upgraded once it has reached all the experience points needed. You can do this by opening your skill window (Ctrl X), clicking over to the Everyday Skills tab and choosing the Weapon button. Each upgrade will raise the weapon's level requirement by 5. You may want to hold off on upgrading if you have not reached the new level requirement. Weapon upgrades can fail and may result in the loss of the materials, damage to the weapon or weapon loss.

Provider's Providence is said to affect the new bonuses (blue numbers). Using excellent quality materials may, or may not, come into play. High alchemy level may also play a role in stat bonuses and chance of success or failure of upgrades.

Materials needed to be collected follow a certain pattern, much like Alchemy. A general rule of thumb is that a certain types of weapons require the same materials, e.g. Bows, Daggers, Staffs and Boxing Gloves share the same materials, as the Hunter, Thief and Martial Artist classes also use Clothing as their natural armor. They would also need refined materials from Forestry, as it is the primary material to make Clothes.

Weapon Material
Axes Mining
Batons Forestry
Bows Forestry
Boxing Gloves Forestry
Daggers Forestry
Fans Herding
Musical Instruments Herding
Sabers Mining
Spears Mining
Staffs Forestry
Swords Mining
Syringes Herding
Wands Herding

Level 50 Alternate Weapons[]

When upgrading level 50 Alternate weapons, there is a chance that they may disappear.

High Level Alchemy Weapons[]

High level alchemy weapons cannot be upgraded.

Master Weapons[]

Master Weapons cannot be upgraded.

Platinum Weapons[]

Upgrading platinum weapons the first time requires 1 1-Carat Red Diamond and raises the level requirement to 45. The second upgrade requires 2 1-Carat Red Diamonds and raises the level requirement to 50. Upgrading platinum weapons keeps the added bonuses to stats, but removes any onyx sockets that have been added to the weapon. SUBA platinum weapons cannot be upgraded.

Golden Weapons[]

Golden Weapons can be upgraded with the use of Silver White Diamonds.