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NPC Red Crystal

The entrance to the Western Tiger Tower Secret Chamber instance is located at (X:408 Y:81) in Western Tiger Tower, through a red crystal.


  • Defeat Western Tiger General (1,571,823 HP).


Name Job Level Element
Western Tiger General Martial Artist 85 Metal


  • Western Tiger General will electrically charge you and your team, dealing damage over time and draining MP too. This damage procs in an AoE, so teammates are advised to split up.
  • Electrical charges only aim to the team leader.
  • Electrical charges can be avoided by casting a skill as fast as possible after the Tiger cast it and before the Electrical charges buff added.
  • Electrical charges can be neutralized by talking to the Western Tiger Statues located on each side, increasing your stats and removing the damage + MP drain.
    • Hover over your debuff to see if you are positively or negatively charged. If positive, talk to the statue with a red aura. If negative, talk to the statue with a blue aura.
    • Statues can change what charge they have, so be wary of that.
    • Since the both statue is far, you can drag the statue using Red Claw Bug for make them closer.
    • After talking the statue you will grant a buff that increasing a lot of your basic status and replace the Electrical charges.
    • The stat that increased from the buff : 1365 Physical Attack, 306 Physical Defense, 160 Magic Attack, 160 Magic Defense, 20 Attack Speed.


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