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Wild Pupu Coupon


Type Coupon
Category Tool
Description A bill which can be taken to the banker and exchanged for coins (amount depends on current exchange rate).
Stack 100
Shop Unit Price 35g

Obtain from

Dropped by Alpha Female Wolf, Bandit, Bandit Assassin, Bandit Bouncer, Bandit Head Chef, Bear God, Berserk Sprite, Bewitched Ghost, Black Rabbit Pawn, Blazing Flame Scorpion, Bloodthirsty White Tiger Soldier, Bloody Seas Hellkeeper, Blue Water Snake, Bonefish, Boss Sprite, Butterfly Queen, Cast Iron Hedgehog, Contaminated Sprite, Cruel Kid, Demonic Sprite, Demonic White Tiger Guard, Divine Florence King, Divine Kuku King, Divine Wood Beast, Ensorceled Banshee, Female Stonefish, Fiendish Florence King, Final Felony Fugitive, Fleeing Fugitive, Flying Noisy Snake, Fugitive, Ghost (Boss), Ghost Head, Giant Turtle King, Giantwood Rabbit Boss, Ginseng Ghoul (Bigbeam), Grenadier Sprite, Grizzly Bear, Hard Shell Tortoise, Hardcore Stone, Hellish Ghost Head, Herb Snake, Kind Kid, Lion Statue, Little Shadow Wolf, Little Wild Bear, Male Stonefish, Mega Mystery Mouse, Menacing Minotaur Soldier, Mini Moth Fairy, Mystic Bonefish, Northern Turtle Legionary, Raging Rat, Red Eagle, Red Rabbit Soldier, Rune Eagle, Scarlet Spook, Serpent Dragon, Shielded Snake, Spider Specter, Super Sword Skeleton, Toasted Wisewood, Tortoise, Wabbit, War Wolf, War Wolf (Boss), Western Tiger General Double, Western Tiger GuardWestern Tiger Minion, Wicked Wisewood, Wicked Wisewood (Boss), Wild Monkey Leader, Wild Sprite, Wolf Cub, Divine Female Bird of Paradise, Divine Male Bird of Paradise, Pink Mini Moth Fairy