Notes: Gives 216 SP
Wild Sprite

Wild Sprite

Level 72
Job Shaman
Element Non-Elemental
Skill Coming of Autumn
Ides of March
Heatstroke Hex
Tidal Torrent
Snow Shower
Behavior Aggro
Capturable Unknown
Location Academy of Mirrors
Experience Unknown
Fame None
Quests Purify the Academy
HP 43,379
Physical Attack Unknown
Physical Defense Unknown
Accuracy Unknown
Evasion Unknown
Magic Attack Unknown
Magic Defense Unknown
Magic Accuracy Unknown
Magic Evasion Unknown
Drop Rate
Scroll x10Unknown
Demonic FangUnknown
Demonic BreathUnknown
Demonic SkinUnknown
Wild Pupu CouponUnknown
Lightning LapisUnknown
Amethyst (A)Unknown
Citrine (A)Unknown
Obsidian (A)Unknown
Lv8 Puppet Spring Cleaning Scroll RecipeUnknown
Lv8 Whirling Frost Scroll RecipeUnknown
Scroll x10
80 Gold
Demonic Breath

The following items are dropped by asterisk monsters.
**Wild Sprite
Wild Pupu Coupon
Demonic Skin
Obsidian (A)
*Wild Sprite
Demonic Breath
Amethyst (A)
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