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Wings II Fortune Voucher


Type Lucky Chest
Category Tool
Description This item has no description.
Shop Unit Price Not tradable

Used for

Prize Pick one of the following permanent costumes:
  • Gold Vermillion Wings II Gold Vermilion Wings II
  • Thunder god wings IV Thunder God Wings IV
  • Thunder god wings V Thunder God Wings V
  • Thunder Drum Thunder Drum
  • Speedy Wings Red Leisurely Wings Red
  • Speedy Wings Purple Leisurely Wings Purple
  • Speedy Wings Yellow Leisurely Wings Yellow
  • Speedy Wings Pink Leisurely Wings Pink
  • Speedy Wings Black Leisurely Wings Black
  • Speedy Wings Green Leisurely Wings Green
  • Speedy Wings Blue Leisurely Wings Blue
  • Angel Wings II Angel Wings II

Obtain from

Obtained from Wings II Fortune Box