Wizard Wisewood

Wizard Wisewood

NPC Red Crystal

The entrance to the Wizard Wisewood Instance is located at (X:152 Y:291) in Bigbeam, through a red crystal.


  • Defeat Wizard Wisewood (829,679 HP)


Name Job Level Element
Wizard Wisewood Blademaster 68 Wood (only def, no element attack)


  • Be highly prepared with heals. Wizard Wisewood can root you and follow up with an AoE that deals 90% of your HP (the range is indicated by a large green circle).
    • Having a movement speed buff on will avoid getting rooted, allowing you to run away from the AoE range.
  • During the fight, Wizard Wisewood will try to rest. He won't attack during this time, but attacking him at all will massively heal him. Wait until he's done resting before attacking again.
    • However, he will randomly twist his waist during this time. He still won't attack, but this is the perfect opportunity to strike back as he won't be able to heal from your attacks when this happens.


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