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Worker No.1
Worker No.1

Race: Shura
Gender: Male


Eversun City (X:229 Y:161)


Alchemy Mission

Worker No.1 is a Quest NPC.

Alchemy Mission[]

Worker No.1 is the Quest NPC for Alchemy Mission, DoMO's introduction to alchemy. His quest is automatically placed in your mission journal after you have entered Eversun City for the first time.

For the first part of this mission, see Alchemy Mission. In part two of the mission ("Alchemy Camp"), you will be asked to find and collect recipes.

Alchemy Mission part 2[]

  1. After you have completed the first part of the mission, speak to Worker No.1 and ask to enroll in Alchemy Camp.
  2. He instructs you to find 6 elementary recipes located in Eversun City. Use your map (Ctrl + M) to find the Recipe Pots:
  3. When you have found these recipes, return to Worker No.1. Receive 3000 experience points. He will then instruct you to alchemize products from all the recipes you found.
  4. After you have finished alchemizing, return to Worker No.1 and show him what you've done. Receive 10,000 experience points.