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World of Pandora's Box

Map of World of Pandora's Box

The entrance to this dungeon is located at (X:64 Y:231) in Neptune's Temple and can be accessed by completing all of Shannigan's quests or Uncle Zack's Secret of Pandora's Box quest.

There are no Recipe Pots in this area.


Name X Y
Benny Marshall 235 296
Ghostly Glenda 233 288


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Name Job Level Element Experience
Delicate Box Commoner 35 Non-Elemental 6300
Fairy Queen of Moths Musician 39 Water Water 7500
Ginseng Ghoul Doctor 36 Non-Elemental 6600
Ivy Spirit Doctor 34 Wood Wood 4000
Moth King Thief 37 Water Water 18400
Mystery Mouse Merchant 38 Fire Fire 4800
Wicked Wisewood Bladmaster 40 Wood Wood 7800


Name Job Level Element Experience
Immortal Ginseng Merchant 42 Non-Elemental 11600
Toasted Wisewood Hunter 45 Wood Wood 13400
Mini Moth Fairy Shaman 50 Non-Elemental 20500